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The Luge –Teammates push a sled and driver across the field and back by placing and replacing rollers one in front of the other underneath the sled.


Unbalanced BeamOne teammate balances on a narrow beam as 4 others carry them down a course and back.


The Shot Butt –Teammates work back to back and in tandem trying to carry a ball across the course then drop it in a hoop at the finish line.


Really? Race –Teammates take turns running the course handing off an extremely hard to hold item, (only one hand can be used).


The Low Jump –How many times can your teammates limbo under the pole. A party classic for a reason!


Jolly BallTeammates line up across from each other and volley a giant ball back and forth. Points are scored for 10 or more volleys.


Figure Sketching –Each teammate takes a turn adding a geometric shape to the large paper pad until an artistic illustration with an Olympic theme is completed. The picture must include at least one human figure.


Synchronized Shimmying –Teams face off against each other as they perform a synchronized swimming routine on dry land while wearing inflatable life rings and making their own music.


Olympic Spirit Closing Ceremony –Each Team has to put together an exciting exhibition using 5 hoops, 2 Ribbons and 2 Batons. Routines can, and should, include dancing, singing and acrobatics.


Medals can be passed out at the end of the festivities.



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