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Jumbo Slingshot - Two players on each team stretch out a jumbo slingshot. A third player places a Velcro covered ball in the slingshot. The ball is launched toward a fourth player who tries to catch the foam ball on a Velcro hat.


Twenty-Yard Bounce - A player from each team mounts an adult-size bouncy ball. The race is on to bounce down the field and back again. Each player switches with a teammate and the race continues on until the players on each team have taken a turn.


Rolling Thunder - Players line up one in front of the other as they step into two jumbo ribbons. Teams head down field with hands feeding the ribbon forward and down under their feet.


Soft Foam Javelin - Each team takes turns throwing a soft foam javelin at one of the five Olympic rings. The goal is to be the first team to pierce and hold three of the rings.


Handheld Half-Pipes - One player from each team holds a ball. All other players hold one or two half-pipes end to end to form a long channel. The ball rolls from one channel to the next as teammates switch from back positions to forward positions until the ball is deposited into the team's receptacle down field.


Fish Head Water Dribble - A player from each team straps on a fish hat. A teammate pours liquid up to fill line and presses the button that starts the bubbles. "3, 2, 1, go!" the players with the hats go down field to the rain collection vessel. They pour the liquid from the fish hats into the team’s vessel. Most accumulated or first team to fill their vessel wins the game.


Obstacle Course - One opponent from each team lines up at their own starting line. "3, 2, 1, go!" Team members take turns negotiating the course to the end and back again.


Tug of Peace - An even amount of players from both teams line up on either side of the rope wearing protective gloves. When one team has successfully pulled one of the opponents over the centerline they win the game.


Suction Cup Archery - One opponent from each team lines up at their own shooting line. The opponents shoot three suction cup arrows each at their own target. The team with the highest score at the end of the round wins.


Foam Discus - Team members take turns tossing disks at a target. The team with the most knockdowns wins.



Opening Ceremonies start with a wacky “warm up” led by a Toga-wearing 3000 year old Olympian. Closing Ceremonies are presided over by a hilarious Russian figure skating Champion. Medals can be passed out at the end of the festivities.



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